About Local 417

Cornwall – Brockville – Kingston

We work in three distinct communities and each campus has developed a distinct culture.

As this website evolves we will celebrate the differences.  Each campus brings value to the collective, that we know as St. Lawrence College, and as such we will have an opportunity to celebrate and challenge each other with dignity and respect.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you is to:


Our challenge – BALANCE

  • The needs of the individual members vs the needs of the collective whole.
  • The need of our students for predictable service vs the need to assert our demand for working conditions that enhance the quality of education.
  • The college’s need to manage vs the control asserted by the Collective Agreement.

Our challenge – COMMUNICATION

  • Open format – Private format
  • This website will allow us to communicate openly to the public and privately to fellow members.
  • St. Lawrence College corporate email will not be used as the medium for debate.

Our challenge – RESPECT

  • The right to express opinions in a manner that enables debate without the perceived attack of individuals or institutions.